Concrete Walling

Advantages of Concrete Walling or Precast Walling:


Perimeter Precast walling is an important feature for most homes due to the increased need for security and privacy. It can be erected four times faster than any brick wall.

Consistent quality

Because precast concrete products are typically produced in a controlled environment, they exhibit high quality and uniformity.

Strength and Quality

The extremely robust nature of our concrete wall panels make these units resistant to attack. Giving owners an added level of safety assurance

Weather and UV resistance

Precast concrete walling is well-suited for all types of weather conditions.

Low maintenance

Precast concrete Walling requires little or no maintenance, which makes it the ideal choice for nearly any Walling solution .

Large range of designs
1. Plane

2. Louvre

3. Small Brick imprint

4. Jumbo Brink Imprint

5. Clinker Brick Finish

6. We also stock Rustic, Roman And Long Louvre for repairs

Walling Posts:

Walling Posts Sizes and Pricing


Slabs Sizes and Pricing

Erected Prices for Walls:

Erected Prices for Walls

EXCESS PER METER: (less than 30 meters) @ R25.00 per meter

Steel Palisade Combination:

Steel Palisade Combination Sizes and Pricing
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